Make Parenting Easy on Yourself!

Simply Stop Your Crying Baby.

Leverage the secret psychologists just discovered: You child’s own voice can be your best tool to stop crying and improve behavior.

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Audio Recording As Soon As You Need It

Your Best Tool For Improved Parenting

The actual sound of your baby crying is often the easiest and most natural way to soothe your child and with the ChildRecorder.
Capturing that sound and looping it back to your baby is “one-touch” simple.

It’s totally automatic.It’s easy.

It’s safe and effective.

ASAP Audio Recording

How does this work?

The ChildRecorder is specially designed for busy families. It’s built-in auto-save and looping function eliminates fumbling through
a complicated save and playback process. You can instantly capture the critical 30-seconds of audio and loop it back.

Capturing that sound and looping it back to your child is “one-touch” simple

  • Open the app

  • Recording begins automatically

  • Capture 30 seconds of audio

  • Continuously loop the recording

And when you want more features they are there for you:

Save multiple recordings

Combine recordings into custom loops for playback

Enable auto-record to begin recording as soon as app is launched

End Your Frustration!

Professional Testimonials

  • This app could help your child learn to take accountability, not only for their actions but also their statements. Viewing their actions from an outside lens can help them view themselves in a new light.

    Bryan Tzeng

    Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern at

Kids Grow Up Fast – Download Today

The Only Audio Recorder That’s as Fast as Your Kids

You only have one chance at parenting your children through each of their youthful phases. ChildRecorder is a practical tool that can give you the extra help and peace of mind you need. Be sure it’s there when you need it.

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